I, Haplo, real name James Sumners, am a long time fan of electronic music. I started listening to, what was then known simply as "techno," electronic music when I was around 10 years old. Every Saturday, I would tune into Album 88 (WRAS 88.5) for the techno show. They would play stuff like Silicon Jesus, Racer X, Twilight Zone, etcetera.

A few years later, I was working at creating my own music on my computer. My "songs" of the time were mainly just mash-ups, and re-arrangements, of various samples using a wave editor. Nowadays I use a proper DAW (Ableton Live) to produce my music.


I listen to a rather varied collection of music. I also believe that all music that a musician listens to influences his own work in some way. Therefore, I think it is more insightful to list a small sample of some of my favorite artists:

  1. 2 Bad Mice
  2. AC/DC
  3. Aphex Twin
  4. Aphrodite
  5. Bad Boy Bill
  6. BT
  7. Butthole Surfers
  8. Daft Punk
  9. Daniel Lenz
  10. Danzig
  11. Depeche Mode
  12. Dieselboy
  13. Dj Dara
  14. Dj Icey
  15. Dune
  16. Eon
  17. Evol Intent
  18. Fluke
  19. Guns N' Roses
  20. Jimi Hendrix
  21. Johannes Brahms
  22. Johann Sebastian Bach
  23. Josh Wink
  24. Led Zeppelin
  25. LTJ Bukem
  26. Ludwig van Beethoven
  27. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  28. Megadeth
  29. Messiah
  30. Mickey Finn
  31. Morcheeba
  32. Omni Trio
  33. Orbital
  34. P'Taah
  35. Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky
  36. Pink Floyd
  37. Propellerheads
  38. Psykosonik
  39. Ram Trilogy
  40. Richard Humpty Vission
  41. Rob Zombie
  42. Rollins Band
  43. Sade
  44. Suzanne Vega
  45. The Prodigy
  46. The Who
  47. Tool
  48. Van Morrison