A unique blend of rock, classical, and EDM techniques creating a mind-bending psychedelic experience.

Submode Tranquility

Release Date: 17 February 2014

Submode Tranquility is a relaxing journey through rich low tones and melodic high notes. It's perfect for a crisp late winter day or early evening.

Track List

  1. Submode Tranquility (113bpm / C / 8'00")

The B EP

Release Date: 31 August 2013

The B EP starts off with the wistful Wandering Daydream but ends with two dark tracks — Dirge de Dub and Eat Yer Face.

Wandering Daydream is a little dub-ish, a little glitch hop-ish, and all Haplo. With its counterpoint melodies, acidic bassline, and trippy precussion, this track has a unique groove.

Dirge de Dub "is quite creepy" and a stark contrast to the opening Wandering Daydream. The deep bass of Dirge serves as a great introduction to massive bass of Eat Yer Face.

Eat Yer Face continues the "eerie" theme set by Dirge but shifts the focus even more to the bass line. The bass in this track is so massive it'll Eat Yer Face.

Track List

  1. Wandering Daydream (140bpm / C / 5'37")
  2. Dirge de Dub (115bpm / F min / 4'57")
  3. Eat Yer Face (120bpm / Bb min / 6'29")

Outpost Trip Artwork

Outpost Trip

Release Date: 09 April 2012 (Beatport) / 23 April 2012 (iTunes, Amazon, etc.)

PR Description: "Haplo's Outpost Trip Ep is an illicit ride into forbidden realms. The deliberate discord is well layered and keeps you guessing on each track. Rhythmic pulses and unexpected bass kicks puts your passage through time into question."

Track List

  1. Outpost Trip (85bpm / C / 5'27")
  2. Swamphony (125bpm / C / 4'13")
  3. It's Taking Hold (75bpm / G / 5'26")